Arts and Crafts

For the creation of her models the designer, Soumaya Zairi, combines modern design with the tradition of excellent craftsmanship. She enriches elements of the modernity with the beauty and sophistication of ancient arts and crafts. 
The idea for a new model often originates from just a moment, something beautiful in view, a stone, a wood, a leather, a line, or simply a color. To transform this idea into a virtual design, to give it a shape and functionality, is the inspiration. It's the passion to experiment with different materials, to set them in new harmony. 
The odour of leather is something mysterious in itself, brings back memories, arouses curiosity to explore more.
Just like each  sumageza-favicon-registered-small holds this secret of its creation. 
An sumageza-favicon-registered-small of Sumageza® is synonymous with exquisite materials and excellent craftsmanship, unique design, elegance, functionality and comfort.
An  sumageza-favicon-registered-small is always an ideal companion for all occasions.
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