We use Premium Quality Leathers.

We source our leathers exclusively from environment-friendly tanneries in Western Europe. For their manufacturing modern, environmentally sound technologies are used with carefully controlled quality.

The leathers are environment-friendly tanned. Each hide is a naturally grown unikate. Slight differences in their structure, pigmentation, and in their pore are variants of nature. They emphasize the individuality of the skin. Each leather has its own character, nature gives them their sign.

The leathers are resistant and smooth, their colors are rich and deep, brilliant and lightfast.

To name some of them:



Nubuck is a pure bull calf leather, selected from the best breeding areas in Europe.

The leather’s grain is slightly buffed. Thanks to its special drum treatment, this Nubuck leather is stain repellent, very soft and silky with an incomparable touch.

Nubuck is available in several versions:

Smooth Nubuck and Hunting: Both variants are Nubuck leathers. Their grains are slightly oiled, and thus they become very soft to touch.




Boléro Zouc, Baleno and Sapo: These leathers are made on a smooth Nubuck basis with an embossed grain, which is then slightly buffed.




Taurillon is a mineral-tanned bull calf leather with pure grain, embossed and polished by hand, so that a fine, even texture of the skins results.

The special even grain of the leather is further emphasized by the hand polishing and becomes slightly glossy.






For some of our models, we use finest, pure lambskins.

Special variations and custom-made grades with special surface structures, such as pure gold and silver effects or gold-colored “lace-making” structures are applied in special processing methods.






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