Precious wood


We use first quality woods.

As with any naturally grown material, there are slight differences in their texture, coloration and in their pore. These are variants of nature. They distinguish the individuality of each piece.



We are using a special grade of maple with a highly decorative character. In its coloring, this maple is slightly reddish and shimmers in a silky sheen.

Birdseye Maple

Birdseye Maple is a special form of sugar maple. Growths that originate from young shoots around the trunk are ingrown, and become visible as "bird's eye". Its bright, white yellowish color is contrasted with golden brown spots and gives the wood a lively structure.




Bubinga is also known as African rosewood. The precious wood has a strikingly beautiful grain, resulting from slightly wavy stripes and narrow color zones. Bubinga comes in colorings from pink to red to purple veined.




Amaranth is also called violet wood or "Purple Heart". It is characterized by its naturally beautiful purple to violet color.




Wenge is a very dominant, dark, coarse-pored wood with a distinctive grain and structure. Most remarkable is its dark-light contrast.


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